Our dogs are bred to be working dogs, not as show show dogs.We carefully pair up every mother and stud based on their genetic strengths to produce some of the healthiest and smartest German Shepherds in the world. Our business is family-run; raising and training dogs is our full-time occupation. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Are you looking for professionally trained dogs? • Obedience-trained German Shepherds • Trained personal protection dogs and trained German Shepherds for sale. From there, we share the journey into teaching and raising your Peace of Mind Puppy. Peace of Mind Puppy offers trained dogs for sale. SlowTon Pet Bell, 2 Pack Metal Bell Dog Training with Non Skid Rubber Bottoms Dog Door Bell for Potty Training Clear Ring Pet Tool Communication Device for Small Dogs Cats. Trained to fit your lifestyle, Trained Dogs For Sale to Fit Your Lifestyle, How To Pick a Puppy That Fits Your Lifestyle, Trained Family Dogs: Get Your Money’s Worth. Our German shepherd trained dogs for sale are top "quality", "Sieger lines". He will be trained and ready to go 08/2020! We then teach the dog how to properly interact in our social environment and give them the education they lacked. Trained adult Sheltie ready to go for Christmas! We work with a network of reputable breeders to ensure your new puppy was born happy and healthy. We offer personal protection dogs for sale, trained at various levels for your home or business. We train your puppy a combination of new skills including obedience, manners, setting boundaries and fostering healthy relationships. $8.48 $ 8. You can come pick the dog up from our facility in Madison, Oh and work with a trainer over a two-day period at no additional charge. There are no refunds on deposits, but we would be willing to put any money paid towards the training of another dog. Through our years of experience, we are going to find the dog that is a perfect fit for you and your family. Wonderful in public and happy doing whatever you want to do. Those dogs are trained to perform in real life scenarios for household and social life. The general obedience course teaches the following commands: sit, down, stand, come, stay in position, heel, and fetch. He is only 3 weeks old but will grow to be about 35-40 pounds! During this phase your puppy’s brain is still developing, making them more impressionable and easily influenced. Aleutian is an excellent hiking and house dog, perfect for any size family. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 10. If you are looking for an excellent obedience trained deterrent dog that is social, loving & protective consider Zena. Our started trained family companion Labrador Retriever puppies will make an excellent addition to your home. 48. She has great house manners and is a very balanced girl who grew up on a farm and gets along with many different animals including horses. We also do provide personal and family protection dogs, service dogs and emotional support dogs too! Read more in our, Acclimating a Puppy (Twelve Weeks or Older), How to Train Your Dog to Come When Called, Have great day to day behaviors and manners, Be well socialized and custom to a variety of different social setting. -She has a t. This gorgeous female puppy will be trained and ready to go for Christmas! They know when there is a job to do, and this will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Fully Trained Canines For Your Home or For the Job. Your puppy is raised and trained to fit your lifestyle right from the very beginning. Do you have an idea of your dream dog? Calm, intelligent, and from top British, Irish and American working lines. Trained family dogs save money and here’s why. We can bring the dog to you and spend three days working with you and the dog for an additional $2000. A deposit of half is required to hold/find a dog. We guarantee our German shepherd (adults) for FIVE year (FIVE years of age). Using the blueprint of love, education and discipline we take the disobedient, unruly dog and produce a well-behaved world class pet. Contact Us. After 20 years of working with hundreds of rehabilitation cases, it became clear that raising a puppy the right way from the start is key. Give this guy a great furrever home and experience the joys of owing a well-trained dog! Trained Puppies for Sale. This ADORABLE, female Irish Setter is for sale. We have companion Puppies and Companion young Adults. He has multiple siblings who are trained and placed as service dogs through AGS / Aggie Guide Dogs and Service Dogs in Texas; Power Paws Service Dogs in Arizona; and Brooks Labradors in Texas. Our most popular training option is Board and Train: your dog stays with us and receives daily training sessions. If you have any questions, please call us at 719.220.2222. Raising a puppy for the real world is our focus at Peace of Mind Puppy. Second, these dogs are usually inexpensive, and you are now able to save on the cost of the dog. We are giving this dog the BEST chance at success and truly providing them with a better life. There are two very cool things about this program. A deposit gets the process started with the balance being paid only after the dog we promised is delivered to your family. Taylor Made Working Dogs is a full service kennel, specializing in top quality dog training in the San Diego area. Find house trained puppies & dogs. Husband and wife owners and head trainers Steve Koven and Jean Damon have been training dogs and working with dog owners for over 20 years. © 2019 Peace of Mind Puppy | Design by Consonant Marketing. Zena is a sweet female Doberman we are offering as an obedience and deterrence trained dog. This ADORABLE, female Shih Tzu will be ready for her home September 1, 2020! The training course is divided into 5 stages. By pre ordering a WKD Trained Dog, you give us the opportunity to offer you a fully tailored service. If yes, you have landed at the right place. He is ready for his furrever home! He does great with dogs, cats, kids and all people. We have worked with this breeder in the past and so pleased to welcome to more of his pups into our program! We allow a stress free transition by personally delivering your dog to you. Zauberberg dogs are provided with lifetime support for training- and maintenance guidance. Kindred Spirits ‘Saved and Trained’ Program: Professionally Trained Rescue Dogs for Sale. Our projected placements for the first half of 2019 are now home or soon to be home with their new family.Watch our "Available" page for those close to finishing the program we enrolled them in.Our pair of Hoytt Dobe below gave us our first litter for 2019 and we will begin the last step in our pre- placement medical program the week of 8-12-19 when the 'kids' get their crop. She is 9 weeks old now and will be trained and ready to go at the end of July! The answer is that they don’t “do” anything. Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training. First, we are finding a dog that is in a shelter a home! Trained Labrador retrievers for sale: started lab puppies, family companions, and active gun dogs. Two Yellow Labs available! -5 months old -AKC registered, female -Trained on and off leash, socialized with other dogs, kids and people -Call today for more information! Starting Day One from the breeder, everything is … These puppies come with two to four sets of shots, depending on their age. Call Bullocks K9 … Fully Trained Rescue dog found a GREAT furrever family! This includes a 15 day exchange. Dogs For Sale. -vetted and with full AKC registration. Urban, Rural and Suburban family dogs. You pick the breed, age, sex and level of training your heart desires AND WE DELIVER THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS. The dogs we train are good citizens and want to listen and please because the dogs are trained by a Behavioral Dog Trainer. We breed and train our dogs for protection and police dog training. Bryce is a happy dog who lo ves all people. With this option we find the perfect dog and tailor the training to meet your specific desires and needs! Our puppies are pre-trained to complement your lifestyle. 100% Guaranteed – Our dog training is 100% guaranteed. Trained Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ready to go NOW! -This male puppy is Brindle with fawn markings and is only three weeks old. Trained dos for sale that include German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Lab and Malinois dogs. The Protection Dogs are trained in real life settings, preparing them for real life situations. The first stage: a general obedience course, then the dog is trained as a companion dog, Schutzhund, protection dog, and personal guard dog. Companion Dogs HOME. Ashley has been training professionally for over 10 years and has attended the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers, as well as attending several seminars with some of the top trainers in the world. The Parents of Companion Dogs are OFA Certified Personal Protection Training – Our trained dogs for sale all have personal protection training, so you can feel secure knowing your valuables, your home, car, and family are secure. This ADORABLE, male Irish Setter is for sweet, loving and would make the perfect pet or service dog! The dogs are trained at the canine center. Online Dog Training Program. What do they do? We begin raising your puppy during their imprinting phase. We have group obedience classes where you can train with a group and your dog can socialize with other dogs. Ask Us a Question Name (*) Email (*) Phone(*) Subject You, -We currently have a French Bulldog in for training and he is SO NICE, we had to get one for you! Interested in Owning a Peace of Mind Puppy? In addition to our lifestyle dog training programs, Kindred Spirits sells professionally trained rescue dogs through our special ‘Saved and Trained’ program. As we get to know you better we can help you decide which breed fits you and your lifestyle best. Ritter is apart of out Pound Puppy program, he will be trained and ready to by mid May! Zauberberg Kennels offers highest level obedience trained German Shepherds for sale. Whether starting from the beginning with one of our AKC German Shepherd puppies for sale or AKC Labrador Retriever puppies for sale, purchasing an older fully trained dog, or turning the little devil in your own backyard into a perfect little angle, Varian Kennels can help! We strive to offer dog training and obedience training programs that provide the best possible experience for pet’s and pet owners alike.. California Dog Training is conveniently located in Riverside County, Temescal Valley, California. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Where quality dogs and dog training are not expensive, they’re priceless! TRAINING. He is fully house trained and has great house manners. 678-235-5959 Loving and handsome Adult Lab for Sale! He is what every good german shepherd dog should be, loyal, obedient, protective and intelligent. Dankroft K9 – Dog Training specializing in Obedience, Protection & Detection Dogs In Toronto . We offer a safe, professional and experienced dog training experience with continued support to help you and your dog in your journey. Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training has been a leading dog training facility in North Carolina since 1995. Our trained puppies are usually anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks old. We include private lessons, group classes, service dog training, personal protection training, behavior modification, competition training, schutzhund and inboard training. We sold our previous Irish Setters so fast we went and got TWO more. Trained Dogs to Order For the discerning person that desires something special we have Hurry, we know she won't last long! In addition to obedience training, these dogs are trained and socialized to live comfortably in your home. Choosing the breed of your new puppy is an important decision. From creating a profile which allows us to search for the perfect dog within your choice of breed, tailor training the dog for your particular needs and giving a personalised handover package the process is individual to you and your family. Canine Balance Dog Training/ Obedience Training/ Behavior Modification/ Boarding/ Group Classes/ Board and Train/ Puppy Training 530-559-2652 / 415-694-8344 Canine Balance Family Guard Dogs. Our protection dog training procedures ensure all of our dogs are completely trained in on-leash and off-leash obedience for total control. All of our trained protection dogs are trained for food refusal. We insure instant happiness leaving out all the stress when adding a dog to your family. Puppies For Sale Adults For Sale. This ADORABLE, male Poodle is for sale. -Will be ready to go mid t, -two year old, neutered, Male -AKC, limited, Golden Retriever -Outgoing, loving and handsome -Will be trained on and off leash -No jumping, no digging, no biting, no chewing, coming when called and us. Please call Wüstenberger-Land K9s at (661) 904-4737 or contact us for professionally trained German Shepherds in Southern California. What Makes Our Training Different. They are crate/schedule trained. Costs vary based on breed, training and length of time we have the dog. These are questions often asked about our puppies. While your dog gets comfortable with their new surroundings, we reinforce your confidence by teaching you about your dog’s training and our puppy raising philosophy. This male Golden is from our FAVORITE Golden breeder. Let us help you find your next forever friend! Typically, dogs in the shelter are in desperate need of education and leadership; the two things we do best. Koven Dog Training Specializes in Companion Labradors, Started Family Labs, K-9 Training, Obedience Classes, & Agility Training. All of our dogs will be trained in basic obedience, this means that your dog will be: All of our trained dogs all have been a ton of places, have been worked by a variety of different people and will absolutely be the best-behaved pet you’ve ever owned! Superdog is the only company selling trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale that teaches Off-Leash Training. When asked they will sit, down, stay and come when called. -Weighs about 40 pounds and is fully grown. It is not stored on this sites database. British Labradors, Irish Labradors, Puppies, Started & Finished Dogs, Obedience Training, Large Breed Training, Blood-Trail/Shed Training & Started dogs Every interaction with a new puppy is a training opportunity. Full Contact K-9 are experts in training dogs of all breeds for protection and obedience. We Raise and Train Puppies to Complement Your Lifestyle. He has been obedience trained and very well socialized. Well stop dreaming and start doing, because we can help find, train and deliver the perfect dog for you! FOR DOGS FOR SALE CALL STACY: 786-238-6624 For other questions about DOG TRAINING and DOG TRAINING PROGRAMS The information you enter here will be sent directly to the recipient. -Female Vizsla -fully trained on and off leash -socialized with kids, dogs, cates, chickens and people. 4.5 out of 5 stars 493. The founders, Allen and Barbara Simpson have been committed over the years to providing the highest quality training, not only for the dogs … We offer a wide variety of dog training services in Dexter, Missouri, as well as offering import services and trained dogs. What are trained dogs for sale? Kraftwerk’s breeding program is structured around 3 specific areas: Health, temperament and drive. We also offer individual dog training where you and your dog receive a private session with a professional dog trainer. Once fully trained, the dogs continue daily sessions with our trainers in obedience, protection, bite work to maintain their skills. Peace of Mind Puppy provides a fun, well-mannered family companion. Our fully trained and kid safe Family Protection Dogs learn how to behave in every situation—indoors, outdoors, the car, a private jet, the supermarket, and the corner coffee shop. When going to pick out a puppy at the shelter it can be overwhelming, and too often, people end up with a dog that is not a good match for them. Our puppies go home with an introduction to basic obedience and a great foundation to build upon. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Over decades we have provided trained dogs that want to interact with- and please you. You and your new dog will spend the next few days learning together and getting better acquainted. Get info now as he will not last long! Learn more today about our trained dogs for sale. For the discerning person that desires something special we have our custom order, trained dogs for sale program. Trained Dogs for Sale, Young Adult German Shepherds for Sale, German Shepherds for sale, Working Dogs for Sale, Protection Dogs for Sale, and Schutzhund Dogs for sale.Trained German Shepherds for sale "vom Zauberberg" come with highest level off leash obedience trained in real life scenarios for house hold and social life.