Disease The flavor of the potato is slightly buttery, which is why it works so well in mashed potatoes. to be planted out. Real yams are shaped like a cylinder, lack the tapered ends of a sweet potato, and have skin that's rough and feels almost hairy. For example, 100 g of baked white potatoes has 21 grams of carbs, the same number as Russets. If you were to name all the different types of potatoes you could think of, you could probably come up with a handful of names and varieties. Gooseberry Because the FDA doesn't actually regulate the names of the two foods, you'll see them labeled interchangeably even in the grocery store. So what happened along the way, and how did they go from inedible to the fourth-largest food crop in today's world? Now that you know a little more about the different types of potatoes, what are the guidelines when it comes to picking the right ones for the job? as far as harvest times are concerned and can also be treated as an early quality. Learn more about red potatoes varieties in this article. The higher the water content, the more waxy the texture will be.  VEGETABLES In fact, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you're wondering what makes these so special, you're certainly not alone. Desiree Potatoes. 'Desiree', has a shiny pink skin with pale yellow flesh. The Italians discovered Desiree in Cart. The Lumper potato was a major staple until the famine started in 1845, wiping out most of the potato crop and a huge part of the country's population. Undeniably it looks good with its light red, Historians think the misidentification started when sweet potatoes first became a staple crop in the South. In order to meet the lowest bar, U.S. No. No products in the cart. google_ad_width = 300; You might have heard the term "heirloom" potato tossed around, especially if you make it a point to visit your local farmer's market on a regular basis. The difference, once you're familiar with it, is simple. google_ad_height = 250; red potato festival there  - I wonder how many of the tourists who This will give them four to five weeks to develop healthy sprouts just at the time when they are ready Some are white, some are purple, and others are long and skinny. when grown in the Italian village of Colfiorito. It is a favourite with allotment growers due to its resistance to drought, although it is not so well suited to organic growing. It is a general-purpose potato. Fruit Cages For boiling, salads and casseroles it is best to use waxy/smooth textured potatoes. Those root vegetables you're more familiar with — the tapered, smooth things that do look a bit like a potato's cousin — are sweet potatoes. Our advice for the perfect mashed potato is to look to varieties with a smooth, creamy-tasting flesh such as Desiree, Mozart or Laura, which are all red-skinned varieties as their texture is better for mash. You can boil them. These potatoes aren't held to the same visual standards that other grades are, so they can look a little funky. You've probably heard people sing the praises of the sweet potato when it comes to finding another option for dinner, and you might have more recently heard people start talking about the purple potato. We recommend buying your seed potatoes from certified suppliers because They are high in moisture and sugar, but low in starch content. Pears, Mustard A 1kg bag will contain about 11 good sized seed potatoes. Red Bliss . This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. When you took a medium-sized potato and compared that to a medium-sized sweet potato, though, the differences showed up. Polytunnels They'll stay together if you boil them, and they're also good for mashing and deep frying, but they won't have quite the same fluffy texture as a high-starch potato. Of course, you'd have to eat a lot of purple potatoes to get these results. This is a very versatile potato as far as cooking goes and when boiling You've probably heard someone use "yam" and "sweet potato" interchangeably, and you might have even done it yourself. Of course both types have their advantages over the other, but in the end they're both still just good ol' tasty spuds. Planting onion sets Desiree. When the knife inserts easily, the potato is cooked. They taste like their larger counterparts, and even though their skin is more delicate than larger white potatoes, they're more flexible for different dishes and preparations. Given also that you want them to appear above ground only when the danger of All Shrub Reviews  Red potatoes are typically round, small to medium in size, and covered with a smooth, thin red skin. basis that seed potatoes will take four weeks before they appear above ground. If you want them to end up looking the same way after cooking as they did before cooking, you'll want something low in starch. Rooster is a red-skinned, yellow-fleshed cultivar of potato, duller in colour than the 'Désirée', with floury yellow flesh. Red potatoes and fingerlings are great for things like soups, potato salads, and stews. Some of these potatoes are white and fluffy, some are red and firm, and some are even blue. Especially when you have some inside information on what it's going to look like on the plate! The key factor governing the time for planting all potatoes is the date of the last frost in your area. Notice how their texture is very different once cooked. normal maincrop. Asparagus Click here for our page dedicated to Garlic, Marjoram If it feels thin, it'll be a waxy potato that will hold its shape when you cook it. Desiree is also sold as a baking potato. All-purpose potatoes aren't overly starchy or overly waxy, and their middle-of-the-road characteristics make them popular choices. Red potatoes add a brilliant splash of color and lend a firmer texture to potato salads, while white potatoes can stand up to the rigors of frying and grilling better and produce a richer, creamier mashed potato. There are a couple different ways the nutritional value of potatoes can be measured: in grams or in whole potatoes. Even if you can only name a couple types of potato varieties, they're probably all-purpose varieties. There are dozens of different species of wild potato, and there are between 100-180 different kinds, according to the International Potato Center. Tips for selection and storage: Choose red potatoes that are firm to the touch with no soft spots or signs of mold. (Technically, neither are even in the potato family, even though we usually call them potatoes.) Desiree potatoes have a firm, creamy tasting flesh making them ideal for smooth mash or being cooked in a sauce, such as our favourite Potato Dauphinoise/Dauphinoise Potatoes.